Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Ten Best Fashion Illustration Blogs

I'm working with the 1st years today on developing their illustration skills. I love this part of my job as it always introduces me to little known illustrators I might not necessarily come across! I'm always Googling fashion illustration as I am totally obsessed with what other people do and I always want to better my own style so it's great to be inspired by up and coming artists or artists who are already established but are perhaps not based in the UK.

I came across this post on Fashionista.com (of which I'm a frequent visitor to!) and I like the fact that the top ten blogs are by illustrators that are not so well known!

I think one of my favourites is Richard Haines blog What I saw today which is basically a diary of his drawings illustrated out and about in New York! I love the quirkiness of his drawings and the fact that you get a real feel for the people he is drawing, from the eccentric bearded man to the cool street guy in the picture below; they just want to make me smile!!

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