Friday, 20 April 2012

Fashion Promotion & my love of photography

So, today I've been working on a Fashion Promotion unit with my 2nd years and we're currently looking at promotional literature and how it works effectively targeting the right audience. I've obviously been doing my own research to help them and I've come across some great websites which will hopefully inspire them! This image has been taken from The KDU Network blog and has some brilliant images including graphics, illustration and photography! I'm already inspired by it... I hope it does the same for at least some of my gang!

Another website which has inspired me is Nubby Twiglet which features lots of graphic ideas and again, photography taken from magazines.

I've been drawn to the work of Luke Copping.... particularly this image as I find it so strikingly beautiful.
Some more of his work can be seen here.
I love photography and wish I'd been able to do more of it at college/uni but I'm finding my phone a perfect accessory to take on days out as I'm always taking photos! I will no doubt upload some in the near future!! Maybe I should take up a part time photography course?

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