Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Another cool blog!

I forgot to mention another blog which is really quite good for us illustrators...Would You Rock This features illustrators from all over the World. The concept is that you vote for each illustrator saying whether you would rock their work or not!!

I've put a few of my drawings on there but there's more people saying they wouldn't rock my stuff.... how rude!! :) Ah well, each to their own!! I'd put a link to my stuff on here but I have no idea how you find my work!!!

On another note, I was having a small drawing sesh at home last night... probably not in the best environment as I was working by the light of only fairy lights and had my stuff balanced on my knee.. not something I would recommend to my students!! Anyway, I had a go at drawing Scarlet Johansson who has the most amazing lips I have ever seen on a woman! My drawing wasn't so clear so I've scanned it into Photoshop and had a little play!! I love the way you can transform an image with the Filter tool in Photoshop!! My students always love using that! :)
I used Crosshatch, Photocopy and Posterised on the images below.

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