Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Top 25 Destinations in the World!

I love travelling and visiting new places but I guess time and money has stopped me visiting many destinations that I would love to go to. So I was intrigued by the latest publication on TripAdvisor which is a poll of the World's Top 25 destinations!  At first I thought, right... these are the places I need to visit before I die but then if I'm going to be realistic about it (Goddam being realistic, I want to live in a fantasy world forever!!) I doubt I'll get to visit all 25 unless I come into a serious amount of money and suddenly find myself with lots of spare time!!!

Having been through the list I'm pleased to see I've been to a few on the list so I don't feel too hard done by, and I'm not sure why, but Australia has never really appealed to me so I don't mind so much if I never make it there!! However, I'd love to go to New Zealand & it would be silly to go there without stopping by Australia!!

So my list of where I've been to already out of the Top 25 goes like this:
London, New York City, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin (although only the airport when we had to land there instead of Munich because of bad weather... can that count?!) and Dublin! That's not so great out of 25 but better than none!!

The places from the list that I'd really like to visit are: Prague (I heard the beer is nice!), Las Vegas (OMG... I think I'd be in my element!) Bora Bora (well, it just looks amazing doesn't it - total chill out!), and New Orleans (again, how amazing would it be to be able to say I drank bourbon in New Orleans!)

So it looks like America has to be the next destination for me.... wonder if I can do a fly drive!!?

I then came across the Top 25 destinations in Europe and I thought I'd see if I fared better with this list!!
So here we go: London (again!!! It's really not my favourite city I might add!!) Paris (I LOVE Paris particularly Montmartre!) Barcelona (loved the beach bars!), Berlin (that pesky airport again!), Dublin (that was a 30th birthday party if I do remember rightly and I woke up with a hamburger under my pillow the next day!), Amsterdam (finally!!! Amsterdam is one of my fave cities! I spent nearly a year there in my 3rd year at Uni living in Broek in Waterland with the lovely eccentric months of my life!!), Edinburgh (2nd favourite city ever after my hometown and where I have spent 20 happy Hogmanay's - no one knows how to party like the Scots!), Munich (went with work to a major sportswear exhibition - weather was bad hence the divert to Berlin!)... oh, and that's it!!! Not as good as I thought! And where's Newcastle upon Tyne?!!!

The places I'd really like to visit on the list in Europe are: Prague (see above!), Santorini in Greece and Sorrento in Italy (as they just sound dreamy!)... and it would be nice to go to the other destinations but i'm not fussy!!

Actually, no.. there is one place more than anywhere I'd like to go to in the World and it's in Berlin (so I need to make it out of the airport next time!) - how could I forget?! It's the Radisson SAS hotel in the centre of Berlin which is home to the largest cylindrical aquarium in the World!

So seriously, if anyone wants to take a trip here with me let me know!! :)

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