Saturday, 22 September 2012

Only 93 days until Christmas!!!!!

So, it's been a while since I've been able to blog simply because every day seems to have merged very quickly into one!!

A bit of an update on the previous blog and the exciting news is that I did become an Auntie again to the gorgeous Charlie Clarke who was born on 14th August. I met him a few days later and he is just amazing. He'll definitely be a heartbreaker... a dark haired stunner!

We had some very sad news in the family as well though. My lovely 92yr old Grandma passed away on 4th September after a very short illness. We miss her a lot but it's her funeral on Monday and I will be doing a reading which I hope will be a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman. The poem is called 'She's Gone' and was read at the Queen Mother's funeral. RIP Grandma! :(

It has been nearly 5 weeks since I returned to work from a fantastic summer break and 3 weeks since the students started and it's flying by! I can't believe half term will be upon us soon!

We appear to have some lovely 1st years and some very motivated returning 2nd years. So far, so good.... :)

Outside of my daytime job I've been desperately trying to keep on top of my own personal work which is proving difficult as the day job is so time consuming... it ain't easy keeping abreast of 72 16-18yr olds even thought I wouldn't have it any other way!!

I started doing some illustrations again and my work has been featured in a North East magazine called Etc. which is great! I still get an amazing tingly feeling when my work is published! It doesn't seem like it's my stuff at times but I'm loving the fact that I can do this outside of work.

Because of the work that I did, the editor of the magazine came down to work to interview me about my background and how I got into doing what I do! I guess I never quite imagined that I would be doing what I'm doing now when I entered the world of fashion at college when I was 16. Lots of people don't survive in the industry. It's a tough one, but I was determined and I'm proud of what I've achieved! I really don't think I'd change what I do at all. I have been so lucky! :)

I also got my work published in the Tallulah Times, the magazine which was launched in Paris to promote Tallulah Love, the beautiful lingerie range created by my beautiful fellow Northumbria graduate, Michelle Taylor!! She's a true inspiration!

I am trying to do a few more drawings in my spare time and have gone back to doing pencil drawings, particularly faces! I have no idea what it is about faces that I like so much.... but I LOVE drawing eyes, they are definitely the windows to the soul... haha!

Etc. magazine have been back in touch as they want me to do a feature on Winter fashion also! It's all happening & I'm loving being involved!

So, within the CCAD camp it's extremely busy and I'm getting very involved in researching stuff for the students to look at. Within the computer unit we are currently looking at digital artists and we had a very interesting discussion the other day about how you can tell if something has been digitally manipulated or not. I felt quite strongly that it was quite easy to tell and then I came across the work of a fashion illustrator called Mustafa Soydan.

He has blown my theory out of the water!

I was convinced that his work was done by hand.. beautiful pencil illustrations... and I told my 1st years this. And then I went onto his website... and found that he does it on a computer!!!!!
I was flabbergasted!!

It doesn't detract from the fact that he is amazingly talented. I adore his work... it's stunning, but it changes everything about what is digital and what is traditional. I have yet to find out what program he uses but here he is drawing Rachel Weisz..... just unbelievable!!

It is my mission to find out what program he uses... and then I might have a go myself!

Right, that's enough waffling for now... I might go and start my Xmas shopping list!! :) xx

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