Monday, 9 July 2012

Nearly there....

So, I'm into the final week of work before a much needed 5 weeks rest and recuperation... and after nearly 8 years in this job i'm finally beginning to understand just how much those 5 weeks off mean to anyone who works in the FE sector!

I made the mistake of wasting my first ever summer break and just bummed around for 5 weeks.. the very next year I made sure I had lots planned so that I didn't return to work feeling like I needed a few more weeks break to get used to returning to the mayhem!

The last week before we finish is always a bit of a 'mare. The week after the students leave we're all still on a bit of a high after the summer shows and there's still a bit of a buzz! But after 3 weeks of completing the Course Review (like doing a uni dissertation but every year!!), writing up assessment feedback and planning assignment briefs I'm developing a severe case of cabin fever and right now I'd be happy not to sit facing the wall in front of my computer for 5 years never mind 5 weeks!

I'm like a deflated balloon that's been stood on. Energy levels are low, sugar levels are low (I blame the vending machine for not having my favourite chocolate bar stocked!)... and the goddam twitch that I've had in my left eye is still twitching... it needs to stop!!

This time next week I'll be hopefully powerboating around the Isle of Arran before my first trip to Berlin on the 19th! I am excited but I think at the moment I'm so tired that my excitement levels are relatively reserved. I keep having mini flaps that I have too much to do. When I go to Arran I normally throw all my stuff in the back of the car and hope for the best. This time there is going to have to be some form of order to my packing so that I don't go over my 20kg flight allowance... argh.. I'm not exactly renowned for travelling light... my make up bag is like a small trolley case... well, I'm getting older.. I need more help!! :)

I'm looking forward to my birthday night out on Friday. Another Friday 13th under my belt... I always thought it was quite cool to have a birthday on this date although I am thinking I could have done with a bit more luck recently so I'm dressing up as a black cat and I'll attempt to cross my own path a number of times... see if that works!!! :)

I haven't really had the opportunity to do a lot of illustration work recently with 'normal' work being so busy but the lovely Michelle from Tallulah Love passed over a job to me which was to draw some faces for an editorial on make up for the Sunderland Echo magazine.

Again, I decided to stick to traditional methods and got my pencil out... a bit of pencil dancing, that's what I like best!! I did 4 faces using an HB pencil and my trusty Staedtler Lumograph 8B to enhance places like the eyes!!! Ooooh, I love that pencil!!

I then scanned them into Photoshop and added a bit of colour to the lips! I'm not sure which edition they will be featured in but they went down well with the editor... so much so in fact that she wants to do a full interview with me about my work!! It was meant to happen last week but she wants a photographer available to it's been rescheduled for 7th August. I'm fine about the interview.. not so much about the photographer being there.... I hate doing posed shots!!!!

Anyway, I've added my latest drawings here! Hope you like them! :)

4 sleeps..... it can't come quick enough!!

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